Dear Clients, Associates, & Friends,

This letter is to inform you that KAR Studios will be ceasing to operate as a company in its current form effective on or before April 1, 2016.  It has been a wonderful 10+ years as a multimedia studio house and later a boutique conceptual marketing enterprise.  KAR Studios is effectively re-structuring based on cross-country logistics and the need to focus on specialized service and primary areas of expertise.  We have been fortunate to have some amazing experiences that were not only professionally rewarding, but also generated unique growth and valuable relationship building opportunities.   

From here, partners Kyle and Paul will be leading service specialty oriented Kyle A. Richardson Productions (based in the Seattle, WA region) and Modus Works (based in Richmond, VA).  Current interactive services pertaining to online client assets (web maintenance, hosting, email, domains, etc.) will continue uninterrupted with login access transferring to Kyle A. Richardson Productions will provide photographic and other services based on client needs.

Once again, we thank each of you for the confidence you bestowed in KAR Studios, and we are proud to have served your needs. The last 10 years have been extremely engaging and rewarding.  Kyle A. Richardson Productions and Modus Works both look forward to continue providing quality services for existing and new clients in our retrospective specialties.  


Kyle A. Richardson 

Kyle A. Richardson Productions


Paul Yurkovac 

Modus Works